Electronic Claims Submission

Meridian Medical Services submits all claims electronically within eight hours from the encounters or charge files received. Electronic claim speeds up  claim processing times. It provides a confirmation that the claims have reached the payer on time. Electronic claims reduce rejections and denials drastically. Meridian Medical Services can work with different kinds of clearing house. Many payers have very strict claim filing time limits. Electronic claim filing helps to stay on time and enhance cash flow. Before the claims are submitted the following checks are made

  • Appropriate modifiers are added to the CPTs 
  • High specificity diagnosis are added by cross checking the progress note
  • Reminders sent to providers before claim submission if the claims are created without the completion of progress note

Clearinghouse Rejections and Batch Checking

 Clearinghouse generates payer acknowledgement and rejection report for every claim batch submitted. These reports are analyzed line by line and erroneous claims are fixed and resubmitted. These reports help us to improve operational efficiency. Electronic claims submitted are commonly scrubbed for payer, specialty and coding rules. Meridian Medical Services work on rejected claims immediately and resubmit them with required corrections. After submitting the claims electronically batches are checked in clearinghouse portal to confirm if the claims are accepted by the payer and clearinghouse.

Medical records request and submission

  • Medical records requested by payer or downloaded directly from the hospital portal rather than relaying on the practice
  • Medical records request are submitted directly through insurance portal 
  • All worker compensation claims are submitted with medical records in first submission
  • Separate invoice is created for attorney offices requesting medical records. Medical records are sent after the payment received from the attorney offices
  • Weekly reminder sent to the provider to complete unsigned medical records