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Medical Billing Service For Healthcare Providers

Why Meridian Medical Services?

  1. Increase the practice revenue minimum 10% in first 30days
  2. Convert paper EOBs & checks to electronic in first 30 days
  3. Insurance in network list to avoid pre auth & precert denials
  4. Appeal denied claims to reverse the payer decision
  5. MIPS consulting & certified coders
  6. Incoming patient balance calls answering
  7. 96% of claims collected in first 20 days
  8. Denied claims are followed up within 24 hrs
  9. Clearing house & insurance rejections are followed up in 24 hrs
  10. Charges & ERAs posted within 8 hours
  11. Customized reports

Medical Billing Service

Meridian have 19 years experience in medical billing and credentialing services serving more than 46 practices and 100+ providers across USA. Meridian’s biggest strength is same core management team for past 15 years.

Meridian is not limited to any specific Practice Management System, we tailor the medical billing solution according to the healthcare providers system preference.

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    Medical coding

    Medical Coding

    Meridian’s medical coders will recognize private payer policies and government regulations for accurate and compliant coding for all healthcare specialties. Read more…

    Charge Entry

    Charge entry is the process of creating a claim for a service rendered by the provider to the patient. Meridian gives high importance to accurate charge posting to submit clean claims. Read more…

    Charge Entry Checking

    All charges entered are checked by the checking team for errors. The checking team collects data on common errors and fixes systemic problems that affect payment delays and bad debt. Read more…

    Claim Submission

    Meridian submits all claims electronically within eight hours from the encounters or charges received time. Electronic claim submission speeds up claim processing in medical billing services. Read more…

    Payment Posting

    Accuracy in payment posting in medical billing services is imperative for an optimized revenue cycle. Once payments are posted to patient accounts each denial is addressed Read more…

    Denial Management

    Meridian has a well-experienced team of denial management professionals trained to identify the root cause of expensive denials. Meridian can handle denial efficiently and Read more…

    Account Receivable

    Meridian follow-up on the claims in 30 working days from the claim submission date. The goal of AR in medical billing services is to achieve the shortest collection period possible. Read more…

    Patient Statement

    Meridian calls each patient to remind them about the balance. Meridian engages patients in digital channels by sending eBills which helps the practice to receive the payments faster. Read more…

    Customized Report

    Medical billing reports can help healthcare providers to understand the health of the practice. Meridian’s reports are customized depending upon the practices requirements.  Read more….

    Meridian’s current clientele includes the following specialities

    Meridian uses the medical practice’s practice management system (PMS) for processing medical claims and our current clientele includes following PMS