Medical Coding

Medical coding is a crucial part of revenue cycle management which should be precise in all aspects of a patient’s healthcare information. It is a transcription of patient healthcare services such as procedures, diagnosis, and equipment into standardized universal acceptable alphanumeric codes. Medical codes translate the medical service documentation as follows

  1. Patient’s diagnosis and injury as ICD-10 codes
  2. Medical services, treatments, and procedures as CPT codes
  3. An unexpected medical condition or distinct procedure can be distinguished by updating Modifiers

Medical coders review the patient’s clinical documentation from providers which illustrates the patient’s past medical history, diagnosis, prescription, plan, and treatment given is transformed to the set of qualified codes. Coders ensure that the codes used are standardized as each insurance payer has its own guideline for coding. Each code describes the patient’s medical condition and services provided, so the accuracy of coding is essential as it affects the status of the claim. Meridian employees certified medical coders who interpret the patient’s charts. Some of our employees are double certified coders. Meridian’s medical coding professionals have wide knowledge in scrutinizing the patient’s medical records and assign appropriate codes. Moreover, Meridian’s medical coders will recognize private payer policies and government regulations for accurate and compliant coding. We have successfully coded vascular access centers, anesthesia, interventional cardiology, general surgery, urgent care, emergency medicine, etc.