Patient statements

  • Most of the patient balance past due need a simple reminder to collect the balance.
  • Almost 56% of patients delay paying their Medical Bills. Meridian calls each patient to remind about the balance and collect it
  • The more communication with the patients, the more collection
  • Meridian Medical Services finds the correct address for all patient statements which are “return to sender” and resent the statement   
  • Meridian Medical Services check retroactive insurance every month for uninsured/self-pay patients to check if the patient got Medicaid or any other insurances to cover the service
  • Meridian Medical Services send patient statements immediately after posting insurance payments and handles inbound patient calls clarifying billing questions
  • Meridian Medical Services engages patients in digital channels by sending eBills which helps the practice to receive the payments much faster.
  • Meridian Medical Services accepts payments from patients by web, phone, paper checks, etc